About Us


ACRS International started out as a trading company, importing & exporting goods in the South East Asia region. We supply Generator & Diesel Engine parts to our customers from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Our Parent Company  (ACRS) started in 1998 as a company providing Automotive Collision Repair Services & Consultancy . Within  2 years , we launch our automotive workshop (ACRS Auto Centre) to provide a comprehensive range of  repair & maintenance services for our customers. Our areas of expertise includes automotive electrical wiring, engine overhaul, autobody metal repair reconstruction, service & repair of diesel engines, etc.

With the increase of our customer base, ACRS International was form as an international arm to assist in sourcing Diesel Engine parts and electrical components.

Sensing the need for more power generators in our neighbouring countries and with knowledge in diesel engines and Auto electrical 
systems, our management has since restrategise our overseas 
expansion plan into focusing on Alternative Clean Energy for Power Generation .

ACRS International has now expanded its core product to include manufacturing & distribution of Power Generating Sets and providing Engineering Solutions for regional customers.

We have strong business networks in most S.E.A countries, and our current focus is to establish further presence in our main markets,  Indonesia, Vietnam , Myanmar and Cambodia.

Our Business Partners

1) ACRS (Automotive Collision Repair Services)           Singapore
    Motor Claims Consultancy        

2) ACRS AutoCentre                                                  Singapore
    Auto Engine Repairs &   Maintenance
3) PT. Trias Indra Saputra                                            Indonesia 
    Mechanical & electrical             
    Contractor. Panel & Tray

4)  PoGen V                                                            Singapore
     Provide Cable management       
     solutions and electrical cable  
     support systems

5) Setsco Services                                                   Singapore
    One of Singapore largest            
    testing & inspection company